On different seasons in academic life

Academic life is full of seasons. Not only boring winter-spring-summer-fall -seasons, but many others follow one another, making life and work hectic and busy. Lately I experienced two of these ‘extra-seasons’, namely conference- and application-seasons. Yes, there are conferences to visit and funding applications to fulfill all year round, but many of them have concentrated into groups within limited period of time. Some scholars take these both very seriously and run from one place to another – or basically fly. I managed to participate only two conferences in August-September, one of them in Turku, my hometown. In both conferences – in Nordic Conference for Sociology of Religion in Copenhagen and Christianity and Limits of Materiality in Turku – I presented my current research project on ex-Pentecostals. Discussion was good and contacts made wonderful. These were good start for the fall season of writing and doing research.

Simultaneously an application-season was pressing on. Even when the current research project is still in first half-time, it is already time to apply and plead for funding for new research. First decisions will be announced already in next month, so the excitement continues and holds on tight. Nevertheless, I will be busy writing, interviewing, researching, and pushing my previous articles for publishing. May the fall be with you strongly, and bring success to us all, and to all good life.


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