Research & fieldwork

Own research:
2014- (present research) Ex-Pentecostals. Interviews of those children of Pentecostal families, who have resigned or distanciated themselves from Pentecostalism
2014 Internal struggles in the Finnish Pentecostal Movement: Fieldwork and interviews on “Helluntaikansa”, “Pirkanmaan Perinteinen Helluntaiseurakunta”, and “Suomen Helluntaikirkko – opposing sides and conflict on the issue of registering Pentecostal movement as a religious institution in Finland.
2012 Pentecostal-Lutheran relations from church workers’ perspective: Surveys for Pentecostal and Lutheran church employees (272+1132 answers, as part of Ph.D. research)
2009-2013 Pentecostalism and Social Class: Wide ethnographic fieldwork (surveys, interviews, observation, journals, books etc.) In Finnish Pentecostal Churches, mostly in Turku Pentecostal Church (Ph.D. research)
2007-2008 Narrative construction of faith by Pentecostal students: Interviews in Iso Kirja bible school, total 12 interviewees (M.A. Thesis research)
2007 Prophecy in Pentecostalism: Survey and Systematic observation in Turku Pentecostal Church (B.A. Thesis research)

Group research:
2006 Quakerism in Turku: Interview of the ‘last quaker of Turku’ (B.A. Fieldwork practice course)


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