Presentations & lectures

Conference Presentations:

2014 Public of Private Body? Control and apostasy in the Finnish Pentecostal Movement. Christianity and the Limits of Materiality -Conference, Turku, Finland.

2014 An American Religion? Connections and Divides in Defining the Origins of Pentecostalism. Bridging North America: Connections and Divides. John Morton Center for North American Studies Conference, Turku, Finland

2014 Social Apostasy – Logics and social consequences of leaving Finnish Pentecostal community. Nordic Conference for the Sociology of Religion, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2014 Conversion and Social Class in Finnish Pentecostal Movement. Pentecostalism around the Baltic Sea Conference, Turku, Finland.

2014 Managing One’s Spiritual Senses in Public: Traditional and Postmodern Experiences in Finnish Pentecostalism. EASR Conference, Groningen, Netherlands.

2013 Migrations, Transformations and Tradition in the Finnish Pentecostal Movement. EASR Conference, Liverpool, UK.

2013 Different roles of Immigrants in Finnish Pentecostalism. ISSR/SISR Conference, Turku Finland.

2013 Luokka, kulttuuri, uskonto (Class, culture, religion) Sosiologipäivät (Annual Finnish Sociology Conference) Turku Finland.

2012 The End is not our business. Changing approaches on eschatology in Finnish Pentecostalism. EASR Conference, Stockholm Sweden.

2011 Social Class Study Perspective in the Study of Religion, New and Local Perspectives. EASR Conference, Budapest Hungary.


Chair, convenor etc.:

2014 Chair of a session, EASR Conference, Groningen: Connected with God: ‘Spiritual senses’, Knowledge and Christianity

Teaching & lectures:

2009-2012 Religious traditions in Finland


Public Presentations & lectures:

2013 (30.10.) Postmoderni Primitivismi. Helluntailaisuus ja uushenkisyys vanhoissa kristillisissä traditioissa. (Postmodern Primitivism. Pentecostalism and Spirituality in Established Christian Traditions.) Lecture in the Studia Generalia -lecture series of Comparative Religion subject area of University of Turku.


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