CfP EASR and Apostasy research

In the 2016 European Association for the Study of Religion Conference ‘Relocating Religion’ will be held in Helsinki in 28.6.-1.7.2016. In the conference I will chair a panel of Apostasy research with my Swedish colleagues. Link to the conference site here. Our panel description below:

Defining Apostasy and Research on Leaving Religion

Chairs: Teemu T. Mantsinen & Daniel Enstedt

People do not only join religions but also leave them. These exits are numerous in nature, and each environment has its own effects on people leaving their religion and tradition. Previous research on apostasy, leaving religion, has concentrated, for example, on students, new religious movements, and psychological processes. However, definitions and concepts on the subject vary, and new approaches could help us to locate, define, and explain apostasy better. In this session we will discuss how to define and study apostasy, deconversion processes, and people leaving religion. We will approach the subject from different directions and multidisciplinary perspectives and include researches on different religions and traditions. The session is part of our ongoing research projects on apostasy in Finland (University of Turku) and Sweden (University of Gothenburg).

We invite submissions to our session ‘Defining Apostasy and Research on Leaving Religion’ to be held at the 2016 EASR conference in Helsinki, to discuss the topic from different methodological perspectives and concerning different religions.


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