50 shades of Comparative Religion in Turku…

Title is misleading. For advertisement purposes I did replace word “years” with word “shades”. The subject area of Comparative Religion in University of Turku turns 50 years in 5th of December. On that date, year 1963, Dr. Lauri Honko was appointed as a professor, marking the beginning of Comparative Religion in Turku. The discipline has since slowly proved its place in the University, both in the role of Cultural Studies and educating teaching professionals for Religious Education in schools. In the previous millenium there were only couple PhD:s, but the 2000’s has seen already multiple PhD:s emerging from our subject area (at least seven). This is of course a good sign, and hopefully this will continue. Me, myself and I, together with my PhD.candidate-colleagues, try to continue this trend, making our marks in the history of our subject area.


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